Kolin: Home Sweet Home

I have featured several towns here but don’t really have a single post dedicated to my little town. So what’s in Kolin?

We have historical buildings.

We have awesome architecture.

We have a nice park inside Kmochuv Island that is very beautiful in the fall.

The river that is surrounding it is equally beautiful.

We have a place for kids.

New flats are sprouting all over town.  There are those that are modern….

…..and those that have breath-taking views of the countryside.

But best of all, there is still space for one and for all.

Don’t you just love my little town?

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22 thoughts on “Kolin: Home Sweet Home

  1. Looks like a lovely place.


  2. Looks like a lovely place to live


  3. dressesandme

    Wow it’s beautiful!


  4. Yes, I love your little town. Nice mix of old and new. I especially like the river. ;)


  5. Lovely.


  6. HI Grace, it is really interesting to see your town. It looks very beautiful.


  7. Melba

    Not so different from where we are now. You take very nice photos Grace :)


  8. a lovely place!


  9. Beautiful!


  10. i love your little town, pa-adopt ko! so cool how people know how to neatly parallel park! I would have walked 1 km just so I would not have to parallel park!


  11. You have portayed it well. Beautiful.


  12. kyohinaa

    I wish I lived in a place like this!


  13. beautiful! we are heading there tonight to play a show – can’t wait to see!


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